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Search tips

Search terms (these also apply to the regular search box)

  • Search terms are not case sensitive and accents/special characters are not required: entering dusko tadic will find Duško Tadić
  • Use double quotes to search for exact phrases like "court of appeal"
  • Use the asterisk (*) as a wild-card symbol only at the end of a term: premeditat* will find premeditated and premeditation
  • Terms are optional by default: "the hague" bosnia will find cases containing one or both of these terms
  • Use a plus-sign (+) to make terms required, for example +"the hague" +bosnia: the results will contain both "the hague" and bosnia
  • Use a minus-sign (-) to exclude certain results, for example "the hague" -bosnia: the results will contain "the hague" but not bosnia
  • When you use the prefix title: to a term it will only be applied to the title: title:hamdan, all results will have hamdan in their title
  • Other prefixes are court: and keyword:, example: title:hamdan -court:supreme or keyword:"violence to life" -title:prosecutor

Filter by category

  • If you check a category only cases from that category will be shown
  • If you check more than one category all cases in the result set will be from at least one of these categories
  • When all categories are unchecked no filter will be applied

Filter by year

  • Enter a "From" year to find only cases from the start of that year
  • Enter a "To" year to find only cases up to the end of that year
  • By entering a year in both fields a range will be applied from the start of the first to the end of the second
  • To find cases from a single year enter the same year in both fields