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(Source picture: Waelder/Wikipedia)

(Source picture: Waelder/Wikipedia)

Gypsy International Recognition and Compensation Action (GIRCA) v. International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

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Court Federal Supreme Court, Switzerland
Case number 4C.113/2006 /ech
Decision title Arrêt du 14 août 2006
Decision date 14 August 2006
  • Gypsy International Recognition and Compensation Action (GIRCA)
  • International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
Other names
  • IBM Holocaust case
Categories Crimes against humanity
Keywords accountability (private contractors), crimes against humanity, Murder, World War II
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Procedural history

In a lawsuit filed in a Swiss court of first instance in 2001, five plaintiffs orphaned during the Holocaust, sought compensation from IBM. The lawsuit claimed that IBM assisted the Nazis during the Holocaust by providing punch card machines and technology used in the identification, monitoring and killing of Gypsies (Roma).

On 22 December 2004, a federal court overruled the decision of the lower court not to allow the case to proceed. However, the case was dismissed in 2005 after a court found that the statute of limitations had elapsed. This decision was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2006.

A separate lawsuit filed in the US in 2001 based on the same alleged complicity in crimes against humanity was eventually dropped. (For the complaint, see here.)