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Public Prosecutor v. Froduald Karamira

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Court Court of First Instance of Kigali / Tribunal de Première instance de Kigali, Rwanda
Case number 7
Decision title Jugement
Decision date 14 February 1997
  • Froduald Karamira
  • Public Prosecutor
Categories Genocide
Keywords genocide, Rwanda
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Procedural history

Froduald Karamira was arrested in India in 1996 and transfered to Rwanda.

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Related developments

His appeal was rejected on 12 December 1997. He was publically executed by a firing squad in the Nyamirambo Stadium on 24 April 1998.

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Legally relevant facts

Froduald Karamira was an Interahamwe leader and vice-President of the MDR (Mouvement démocratique républicain). He was especially famous for a speech pronounced at the Nyamirambo Stadium, in Kigali, on 23 October 1993 which populized the concept of "Hutu power", to become the slogan of Hutu extremists during the genocide.

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Court's holding and analysis

On 14 February 1997, he was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity and sentenced to death.