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Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Petar Mitrović

This case summary is being revised and will be updated soon

Court Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Section I for War Crimes, Appellate Division, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Case number X-KRŽ-05/24-1
Decision title Verdict
Decision date 7 September 2009
  • Petar Mitrović, a.k.a. Pera
  • Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Other names
  • Zvornik 3
Categories Genocide
Keywords genocide, complicity, Former Yugoslavia, Srebrenica
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Procedural history

The case severed from Prosecutor v. Miloš Stupar et al. (X-KR-05/24) 

For information about the separation of the cases see here.

For more information about the procedural history see here.

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Legally relevant facts

Information can be found here.

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Court's holding and analysis

Information can be found here.

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