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The Prosecutor v. Francisco Perreira

This case summary is being revised and will be updated soon

Court District Court of Dili, Special Panel for Serious Crimes, East Timor
Case number 34/2003
Decision title Judgment
Decision date 31 August 2005
  • The Prosecutor
  • Francisco Perreira, a/k/a "Siku Gagu"
Categories Crimes against humanity
Keywords crimes against humanity, Murder, persecution
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Procedural history

According to the indictment, Perreira was charged with murder and persecution as crimes against humanity. On 27 April 2005, Perreira was convicted of attempted murder and persecution as crimes against humanity and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. 

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Legally relevant facts

Francisco Perreira, a.k.a. ‘Siku Gagu’ was a member of the Mahidi militia group in East Timor. In 1999, a widespread and systematic attack was perpetrated against the civilian population of East Timor by more than twenty-five militia groups, the Indonesian security authorities (TNI) and the Indonesian police force (POLRI). Violence was waged largely against the pro-independence population.

In April and May 1999, Perreira was alleged to have been responsible for the attacks against pro-independence supporters, including one incident where a known independence supporter was detained by the militia, but subsequently escaped. On being re-captured, the victim was attacked by Perreira and shot by another militia member. 

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Court's holding and analysis

After the Prosecution appealed the sentence, on 31 August 2005 the Court of Appeal increased Perreira’s sentence from 3 to 7 years.