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Auditorat Militaire v. Adjudant Chef Rwahama Anaclet

This case summary is being revised and will be updated soon

Court Conseil de Guerre de la République Rwandaise, Chambre Spécialisée, Rwanda
Case number 18
Decision title Jugement de la Chambre Spécialisée du Conseil de Guerre de la République Rwandaise
Decision date 24 November 1998
  • Military Prosecution Department
  • Anaclet Rwahama, Warrant Officer
Categories Crimes against humanity, Genocide
Keywords genocide, murder, torture, Kicukiro, Rwanda
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Legally relevant facts

In 1994, through the armed conflict between the Rwandese government forces (FAR) and the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) and the genocide on the Tutsis, hundreds of thousands of citizens in Rwanda were killed. About 75% of the Tutsi-population was erased. During these massacres in Rwanda, Anaclet Rwahama was leading Hutu soldiers. 

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Court's holding and analysis

In 1998 he was found “guilty of genocide, rape, breaking into homes and non-assistance to people in danger” in Kicukiro, a neighborhood of Kigali, between April and July 1994.