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Research guides and informational websites

On this webpage, the visitor of ICD can find other websites and databases on international crimes that might be of interest to him/her. Some of these sources have also been used, where necessary, to complement the research of the members of the ICD team in the creation of this database. Examples are the sources under the headings 'Additional materials' and 'Social media links' that can be found on the webpages that summarize and analyze the different decisions. On these webpages, the ICD team has also added names and party information to enable comparative research and use by the various visitors of ICD.

**Information provided in order to clarify and introduce some resources**

American Society of International Law (ASIL) eResources

     ASIL on Human Rights and International Criminal Law

     ASIL on Law of Armed Conflict and International Security

Asser Nexus on Conflict and Crime

Casework Redress

A database with case law on torture and related crimes.  

MICT/ICTR/ICTY Case Law Database

UNMICT search tool on the ICTR and ICTY Appeals Chambers' case law.

Central Intelligence Agency: The World Factbook

Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC)

Papers, publications and other documentation related to the work of the (C)ICC.

Duke University School of Law International Criminal Law Research Guide

Dutch National Prosecutor's Office on International Crimes

The Dutch Police's International Crimes Team, in partnership with the National Public Prosecutors' Office, carries out criminal investigations into international crimes committed by or against Dutch nationals or persons in the Netherlands. 

Fredrick K. Cox International Law Center War Crimes Research Portal

Gender Jurisprudence and International Criminal Law Project American University Washington College of Law

Aims to raise awareness of and encourage research and debate about the jurisprudence emerging from sexual and gender-based violence committed during times of conflict, mass violence, or repression and to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of these crimes under international law.

Geneva Academy: Rule of Law in Armed Conflicts

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

IHL App 2.0

ICRC Database on Customary International Humanitarian Law

ICRC Database on National Implementation of IHL

International Institute of Humanitarian Law in Sanremo Research and Publications 

Contains a collection of warfare manuals and other documents on international humanitarian law. 

Case Matrix Network

Legal Tools Database

New York University International Criminal Law Research Guide

OHCHR Jurisprudence

This database provides easy access to jurisprudence emanating from the United Nations Treaty Bodies which receive and consider complaints from individuals.

Oxford Reports on International Law

Peter Robinson Database

The summaries of significant international criminal decisions written by Peter Robinson, an international criminal defence lawyer who has defended clients before several international tribunals. 

Preparatory documents on the Geneva Conventions

Public International Law and Policy Group: War Crimes Prosecution Watch

University of Maryland’s Global Terrorism Database

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

A comprehensive database on Dutch case law, including case law on international crimes


An initiative to facilitate the dissemination of information regarding the implementation of the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its three Protocols.

The World Law Guide

Trial International: Universal Jurisdiction Database

Trial International's Universal Jusrisdiction Database is an online database which offers the public easy access to numerous procedures concerning international crimes before national or international tribunals.

United States Naval War College Stockton LOAC/IHL Research e-Portal

Universal Jurisdiction Project American University Washington College of Law

Washburn University School of Law Washlaw Database

War Crimes Verdict Map, BIRN 

A database which provides an overview of court rulings on the crimes that were committed during the wars in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. It includes all final war crimes verdicts handed down by national courts and by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia


International law blogs

Armed Groups and International Law

Asser Today

Beyond the Hague

EJIL: Talk!

Erga Omnes

iLawyer Blog

International Law Observer



Justice in Conflict

Opinio Juris

PhD Studies in Human Rights


Spreading the Jam

University of Amsterdam’s SHARES Project (Shared Responsibility in International Law) Blog 


News websites

Al Jazeera



New York Times

NRC (in Dutch)

Justice Hub



Educational modules

Coursera Introduction to International Criminal Law

ICRC Exploring Humanitarian Law Teaching Module

International Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice MOOC


Supplementary information and websites

Council on Foreign Relations Report: Justice Beyond the Hague

The Hague: International City of Peace and Justice